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Carbon Ink Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE Electronic Prototype Board

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Carbon Ink Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE Electronic Prototype Board
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Place Of Origin:: Guangdong, China
Supplier Type:: Custom
Copper Thickness:: 1/2 Oz Min; 12 Oz Max
Solder Mask Color:: Green/Yellow/Black/White/Red/Blue
Layer: 1-40 Layer
Service:: EMS / OEM / ODM One-stop Service
Panel Format:: Routing, V-CUT, Singl
Quality Control:: In Process QC, FQC, FQA, TQM
Inspection Technology:: AOI, E-Test, X-ray,Solder Paste Testing,Function Testing
PCBA Servic: SMD SMT DIP Component Assembly
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Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE


PTFE Electronic Prototype Board


Electronic Prototype Board Carbon Ink

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: GW-PCBA
Certification: ISO9001/Iso14001/CE/ROHS
Model Number: PCBA-0952
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Vacuum sealed packaging,Silica Gel inside.
Delivery Time: PCB 3-7dyas, PCBA 1-3weeks/1 - 1000 -15days;1001 - 5000-20days;5001 - 20000-35days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month module electronic board
Product Description

Professional One-Stop Custom OEM PCB PCBA Board Service Manufacturers Electronics Pcb Boards Prototype

Product Information

What is Carbon Ink PCB ?

Carbon ink PCB (printed circuit board) is coated on the PCB substrate with carbon-based conductive ink (referred to as carbon ink), cured to form a PCB with a carbon film conductive pattern. Now the market’s requirements for PCB board production costs have dropped repeatedly, and it is a general trend to use carbon oil keys to replace the current expensive gold keys. Carbon oil board is a relatively common surface treatment method for single and double PCBs. Through a series of inspections, tests and aging tests, and other technical processes, the PCB can work reliably for a long time.

1.The composition of carbon oil

Carbon oil is mainly composed of synthetic resin, hardener, and carbon powder.

The synthetic resin plays a role in adhesion (equivalent to a carrier).

The hardener plays the role of curing.

Carbon powder plays a conductive role (graphite powder can be added, but with high cost).

Some suppliers add a little silver oil into the carbon oil to obtain lower resistance and higher conductivity.

2.The resistance of carbon ink

The resistance of carbon oil is generally expressed by square resistance. Some use ohms per square centimeter (Ω/cm²), and some use ohms per square centimeter (Ω/□). Most suppliers now agree to use Ω/□.

Square resistance refers to the resistance value of any square carbon film on the opposite side, which is related to the thickness and composition of the carbon oil. (It can be analyzed from the figure below).

The characteristics and uses of carbon ink PCB

The carbon ink has strong adhesion, peeling resistance, and strong abrasion resistance, which can reach ≥ 1 million times, and the resistance change rate is ≤ 10%. The square resistance of conductive paste is relatively large compared to other metals. The square resistance of the current carbon oil board can generally be controlled at ≤ 20 ohms, but the cost is low with a high-performance cost ratio. The conductive paste is a crucial material for electronic component packaging, electrodes, and interconnection of electronic components. It mainly includes two types: burn-in conductive paste and curing conductive adhesive (conductive ink).

Carbon ink board use:

Carbon oil board is mainly used in film circuits, mobile phone soft circuits, medical devices, communication equipment, automotive electronics, smart label RFID, and many other industries. In the circuit board industry, it is mainly used for calculators and remote controls. It can replace copper-plated holes, silver slurry hole fillings, and the copper slurry hole filling process. Environmental protection and the low cost of carbon slurry hole filling is the mainstream trend of the development of circuit boards. Currently, Microsoft uses carbon oil filling holes on the power supply board, which can completely replace the double-layer board with copper-plated holes.
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Printing carbon oil production capacity

1. Carbon ink gap:

Since carbon oil has good electrical conductivity, the carbon oil on the finished board needs a gap to ensure that there is no short circuit. Usually, the minimum gap should be 8mil (HOZ bottom copper) and 12mil (1-3oz bottom copper) for the finished product. If opening a film, then the gap should increase.

2. Carbon oil minimum alignment tolerance: +/-6mil

3. The size of the carbon oil window and the gap between the copper pattern: Due to the alignment tolerance and oil leakage and to ensure copper is not exposed, the carbon oil must be 6mil (HOZ bottom copper) or 8mil (1-3OZ bottom copper) larger than the copper pad on one side. Correspondingly, a gap of 6 mil (HOZ bottom copper) and 8 mil (1-3OZ bottom copper) between the carbon oil window and the surrounding copper pattern is required. This is to prevent carbon oil from covering the surrounding copper pattern, to avoid short circuits.

3. The resistance control of carbon oil

The resistance of carbon oil is only related to its composition and thickness. Therefore, to obtain a satisfactory resistance requirement, we must follow three aspects.

1) A reasonable square resistance carbon oil that meets the process requirements.

2) A reasonable thickness (0.01-0.025mm) should be achieved after printing.

3) Baked fully (oven: 150℃ to 170℃, for 30-60 minutes; infrared oven: 150℃, for 15 minutes).

In the actual operation process, the temperature is high, the time is long, and the square resistance is low. It is important to choose a reasonable temperature and time without affecting the substrate.

4. Carbon oil thickness

The first screen printing carbon oil thickness: 0.3-1.0mil, tolerance: +/-0.3mil. If the thickness of the carbon oil is required to be 1.0mil or more, the carbon oil needs to be reprinted twice. The second reprinted carbon oil thickness: 1.0-2.0mil, tolerance: +/-0.4mil. The second reprint carbon oil film is 3mil smaller than the first, so two sets of tools need to be written on MI.

Our Services

1. PCB fabrication.

2. Turnkey PCBA: PCB+components sourcing+SMD and through-hole assembly

3. PCB clone, PCB reverse engineering.
Carbon Ink Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE Electronic Prototype Board 0
PCB or PCBA Files Requests:

1. Gerber files of the bare PCB board
2. BOM (Bill of material) for assembly (please kindly advise us if there is any acceptablecomponents substitution.)
3. Testing Guide & Test Fixtures if necessary
4. Programming files & Programming tool if necessary
5. Schematic if necessary

Company Information

Global Well Electronic Inc. is a professional PCB solution supplier from Shenzhen, China, integrating PCB circuit board production and processing, STM processing and mounting, PCBA OEM, component purchasing, PCB/PCBA custom design-production- A comprehensive PCB circuit board company with one-stop turnkey service of processing-assembly-finished products. The company has a strong supply chain system, a professional and efficient collaborative team, a sound and complete quality control system, and the business philosophy of honesty and trustworthiness, customer first, and presents the products to everyone with low prices, reliable quality, high-quality service and after-sales service. client.

We provide total PCB solutions from PCB design to final mass production, including PCB fabrication and assembly, component sourcing, solder paste stencils, conformal coatings, and more. Serving the global electronics field, including industrial control, medical electronics, military equipment, power communication, automotive electronics, AI artificial intelligence, smart home and other industries.

Carbon Ink Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE Electronic Prototype Board 1

Carbon Ink Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE Electronic Prototype Board 2

Our factory located in Shenzhen, and have almost 300 employees, more than 30 production lines include SMT, DIP, automatic welding, aging test and assembly. We have SMT machines from Japan and Korea, automatic solder paste printing machines, solder paste inspection machine(SPI)12 temperature zone reflow soldering machine, AOI detector, X-RAY detector, wave soldering machine, EM PCB ,dispenser,laser print machine etc., Different line configurations can meet requirements from small sample order to bulk shipment.

Our company has obtained ISO 9001 quality system certification and ISO 14001 system certification. With multi-testingprocedures, our products carry out the quality system standard strictly.

Main Equipment:

Carbon Ink Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE Electronic Prototype Board 3

Carbon Ink Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE Electronic Prototype Board 4

Carbon Ink Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE Electronic Prototype Board 5


PCB Technical Specification

(1) PCB Technical Specification

Order Quantity 1-300,000,30000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month module electronic board
Layer 1,2,4,6,upto 40 layer
Material FR-4,glass epoxy,FR4 High Tg,Rohs compliant,Aluminum,Rogers,etc
PCB type Rigid,flexible,rigid-flexible
Shape Any shape: Rectangular,round,slots,cutouts,complex,irregular
Max PCB dimensions 20inch*20inch or 500mm*500mm
Thickness 0.2~4.0mm, Flex 0.01~0.25''
Thickness tolerance ± 10%
Copper thickness 0.5-4 oz
Copper thickness tolerance ± 0.25oz
Surface finish HASL,Nickle,Imm Gold,Imm Tin,Imm Silver,OSP etc
Solder mask Green, red,white,yellow,blue,black, Double-sided
Silk screen White,yellow,black,or negative, Double-sided or single-sided
Silk screen min line width 0.006'' or 0.15mm
Min drill hole diameter 0.01'',0.25mm.or 10 mil
Min trace/gap 0.075mm or 3mil
PCB cutting Shear,V-score,tab-routed

(2) Turnkey PCBA Capabilities

Turnkey PCBA PCB+components sourcing+assembly+package
Assembly details SMT and Thru-hole, ISO lines
Lead Time Prototype: 15 work days. Mass order: 20~25 work days
Testing on products Flying Probe Test, X-ray Inspection, AOI Test, functional test
Quantity Min quantity: 1pcs. Prototype, small order, mass order, all OK
Files we need PCB: Gerber files(CAM, PCB, PCBDOC)
Components: Bill of Materials(BOM list)
Assembly: Pick-N-Place file
PCB panel Size Min size: 0.25*0.25 inches(6*6mm)
Max size: 20*20 inches(500*500mm)
PCB Solder Type Water Soluble Solder Paste, RoHS lead free
Components details Passive Down to 0201 size
Leadless Chip Carriers/CSP
Double-sided SMT Assembly
Fine Pitch to 0.8mils
BGA Repair and Reball
Part Removal and Replacement
Component package Cut Tape,Tube,Reels,Loose Parts
PCBA process


Stripping-----Punching-----Electrical Testing-----SMT-----Wave

Soldering-----Assembling-----ICT-----Function Testing-----Temperature - Humidity Testing

PCB&PCBA Products Show

Carbon Ink Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE Electronic Prototype Board 6

Carbon Ink Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE Electronic Prototype Board 7


Carbon Ink Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE Electronic Prototype Board 8

Packaging & Shipping

Packing details:

PCBA are packed into plastic bags. Plastic bags are put into small carton. 4 small carton into a big carton.

A big carton: 35×32×40 cm size.

Shipping Express:

FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, private lines, etc.

Air freight, Sea shipping

Carbon Ink Professional PCB Manufacturing PTFE Electronic Prototype Board 9

If you need help on PCB layout, you can contact us and send the board to us. We also provide Reverse Engineering Service.

We have been providing PCB Manufacture for many years in China,and we have rich experience in product production and product assembly.We believe our team will provide high quality and low cost service for you.

Thank you very much for all your support .

Best Regareds.


Q:Are you manufacturer?
A:Yes we are manufacturer

Q:Do you provide samples?
A:Yes we can provide free samples,price and shipping cost open for negotiation

Q:How do you ensure the quality of your products
A:We will burn into file and test the product and ship it after confirming that there is no problem

Q:What certificates does this product have
A:We have CE,FCC,ROHS certified

Q:What about OEM and ODM?
A:We accept OEM and ODM orders,MOQ is open for discussion

Q:What is delivery terms and time?
A:We use FOB terms and ship the goods in 7-30days depend on your order quanlity,customization
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